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Demantoid garnet for sale

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Mineralogical Record - Erongo 2006

Demantoid Garnet Facet grade rough

Demantoid Mining has slowed down a lot. 1kg Available now...

Demantoit garnet Rough   Namibia
Demandtoit Garnet Rough
From: Namibia
Size: Mixed
500g to 1kg Parcel Price: P.O.R

Demantoit garnet gemstone cut facet   Namibia
Faceted Demandtoit Garnet Cut
Not for sale.
From: Namibia

Photo of demantoid garnet faceted by Sean.

demantoid garnet cut by sean

This is a photo of the mine as we got it.(Before)
Demantoid garnet mining

We moved the old sand out of the way to make room for bigger things...
Demantoid garnet mining

Just starting with backhhoe to make mine of it.
Demantoid garnet mining

You see? Yes, there are more of the reef.
Demantoid garnet mining

Opening it up some more. More and more overburden.
Demantoid garnet mining

More and more....
Demantoid garnet mining

Its one of our hottest summers and also the driest.
Demantoid garnet mining

Afternoon shadows looking at the progress.
Demantoid garnet mining

Stay tuned for more photos and videos......

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